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Hair loss solutions for men are becoming endless which can be quite overwhelming and complicated, given all the information and different options you have to choose from. If you’re considering a non-surgical option, there are still plenty of options to go through such as whether to opt for a wig, a toupee or hairpiece and should it be handmade or ready-to-wear? Firstly, you will want to evaluate your current hair loss situation to identify what type of hair system you need. In this post we’re going to look at each option in more detail so you can make your decision with the right information you need.

Male Wigs

Opting for a male wig is a great solution if you’re suffering from a full head of hair loss as it will cover the entire section of baldness. There are two options of male wigs to choose from, a ready-to-wear male wig or a custom-made male wig.

Ready-to-wear Male Wigs

Baguley's of Cheshire specialise in hair loss solutions, offering handmade wigs, toupees and hair pieces for men in Manchester, Cheshire, the North West and the UK.

The ready-to-wear option takes less time to process and can be delivered to your door. You can select the foundation base, colour and length you’d like it to be which will come from our ready to wear stock systems available at Hairmail.co.uk. You can choose the option of having a monofilament base which is more breathable so your scalp and skin are less irritated and dry. You can also select whether you want your system to be made with human hair or synthetic fibre. If you choose a human hair system, they will cost more as the quality is much higher.

You can use different tapes and adhesives to secure your wig in place and there are skin-sensitive products available to avoid any discomfort or irritations. Solvents can be used to remove the adhesives and tapes from your wig easily.

A Custom-Made Male Wig

custom made male wig by Baguley's of Cheshire







A custom-made male wig will be created to your exact requirements and will use the exact measurements of your scalp to ensure a perfect fit. These can be made using human hair that looks natural and also with discrete lace that’s transparent to securely hold your hair system in place. Male wigs that are handmade use an ultra-thin skin case that is lightweight and breathable. The quality of the stitching in custom-made wigs helps to keep the shape and style of the wig intact. Although these tend to be more expensive than ready-to-wear wigs, they provide a more premium and permanent solution that can last for weeks, even months. As they’re created with such care to look so natural, they do require more maintenance too and you will need to handle your wig more carefully by washing and drying and using certain products.

A Toupee

Handmade toupee for men

A toupee is used to cover partial baldness of a man and can be made with either synthetic fibres or human hair. They are very similar to male wigs other than the size as they only cover a section of your head. Like wigs they are made from a thin case that is breathable and does not cause any further damage to the remaining hair. You can use glues, tapes and adhesives to secure your toupee in place and you can opt for more pricey ones for better quality and durability.

A Male Hairpiece

Hairpieces are designed to cover a section of baldness while maintaining a natural hairline. Hairpieces again can be made with human hair or synthetic fibres depending on the quality you want to obtain. They are breathable to avoid your scalp from becoming dry and itchy and they use an ultralight mesh material as the base. They’re comfortable to wear like the other options but they are mainly used to cover receding hairlines or a partially exposed scalp. You will have to keep on top of the maintenance of your hairpiece and it will require touch ups every so often. You won’t need as much adhesive for this solution compared to the others.

In Summary, it really all depends on the level your hair loss is currently at. If you’re only balding in a specific area of the head then a toupee or hair piece would be the best option. Bare in mind that with toupees they can give off an unnatural hairline depending on how they’re made. With a hairpiece you will be required to regularly maintain it.

With a male wig it will completely cover the entire head and they can be styled and crafted to look as natural as human hair does. They cost more than the other two options due to the size and quality that goes into them, however they do provide a premium non-surgical solution to hair loss. Wigs for men are budget friendly alternatives to hair transplanting and can make a man feel younger and more attractive, giving him his confidence back.