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Cyber Hair

Mens Cyber Hair

Men’s human hair ‘vs’ CYBER HAIR


I’m sure many of you are tired of your human Hair-systems wearing out in a matter of months with fast colour fading and quick shedding of the hair from the base foundation.


Cyber Hair has revolutionised men’s Hair Pieces in recent years, It was invented by the Japanese and they have sole rights to the copyright manufacturing and patents to this incredible product.

Very few people are familiar with this product or trained to even use it. I would like to make this available worldwide to all customers that want the absolute best in Hair System quality!

The benefits of Cyber Hair is it’s longevity of 1 to 2 years.

The other advantages are that the colour has absolute minimal colour fade during its life expectancy.

Hair shedding is absolutely minimal.

Hair stays soft and easy to manipulate into style.

The hair density you can choose, going as thin as seeing your scalp through the hair, eye giving you a natural scalp look without looking wiggy and bulky.

Cyber Hair is a premium product and much more expensive than human hair. But the savings in the long run and the embarrassment of having to explain to people why your hair colour has faded lighter and shed hair quickly exposing some of the base foundation with Cyber hair you can walk with pride and confidence that you have the best hair systems available to man!!

Prices start from £895 to £1295 depending on base size.


Colour matching can include grey hair with higher or lower percentages in different areas (example: more grey on the temples but less grey on the top or front)


Production is around 10-12 weeks Custom made only.


We have over 25 years in the hair loss industry which enables us to understand the different requirements each client may have. We treat all our clients with bespoke and unique solutions which include bespoke toupees and wigs for men.

Regardless of what condition your hair loss is in or what caused this to happen, whether it’s due to age, a receding hairline, illness or treatment such as chemotherapy, we have a cost-effective solution available.


Your bespoke hair system will be designed, crafted and styled to your exact requirements and needs. Our hair loss solutions for men include:


  • Custom made bespoke invisible lace wigs for men.
  • Custom made hairpieces and toupees
  • Non surgical invisible permanent application hair system, lasting up to 3 to 5 weeks.
  • Private room one to one consultations and fittings.


Your hair loss can be a receding hairline, patches of baldness or even the full crown. No matter how large the area is we have perfect non-surgical solution that will restore your confidence once again. Our wigs for men offer a more cost-effective solution to hair transplanting with less risk involved. You have the added benefit of knowing you can alter the appearance of your men’s wig anytime you like.


As hair loss solutions have developed over time, so has our capability of creating natural wigs for men that are discrete and resemble normal human hair. We offer a range of different solutions to suit everybody’s needs and budgets.

FREE consultation

We offer free and private consultations to fully understand your requirements and needs, which will take around 45 minutes. We also advise all clients that our custom made hairpieces, toupees and wigs for men are completely pain free.

Your Free and Private Design Consultation includes:

  • I will begin by assessing your hair and asking you how you want it cut and styled.
  • I will take measurements and make a replica mould or the area to be treated.
  • Hair colour selections will be made.

Our wigs for men are carefully crafted and made to our clients exact requirements.

NEW! Facetime Consultations


Now Christopher Baguley can offer the unique option of a Facetime consultation – without you having to leave the comfort of your own home.

You can schedule a Facetime consultation to discuss your hair loss issue, where we can provide the right solution for you. Whether that be a beautifully bespoke handmade wig for men, a custom made hairpiece or a toupee.

Our hair loss solutions are also available to women and children who suffer from hair loss. For more information on our wigs for children please click here. We can provide bespoke solutions to everyone, please get in touch with us today.

You can also order our wigs for men online through Hairmail.co.uk. Carefully select the length, category, foundation and colour of your wig then check out. Your wig will arrive in the mail and can be delivered to any UK address. Our sister company, Hairmail also provides products to care for your hair system, toupees and wigs by offering solvents, glues and tapes.