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Unfortunately, hair loss is a common ailment affecting many men. This can cause a lot of distress to men with a lot of feeling that they are losing their identity. Understanding why you are losing your hair can help along with Baguley’s of Cheshire being able to offer a number of solutions for treatment and replacement.

Surgery or Illness

A number of surgeries, illnesses, and treatments can cause hair loss. The hair loss after surgery or illness does have a chance of coming back and is not always irreversible. Our wigs and toupees for men using real or cyber hair offer a solution for you.


It is common that many chemotherapies and radiotherapy drugs can cause hair loss, this is also the case for some disease-modifying agents such a Methotrexate a commonly used drug in rheumatoid arthritis. Also, it has been noticed that Some anticoagulants (medications that help stop the blood from thickening, or “clotting”) Hair can sometimes return when treatment is stopped.
Recent evidence has seen that some antidepressants can cause hair loss also.


Hormonal Imbalances

Testosterone is a hormone that’s responsible for deeper voices, muscular growth, and sex drive, among other things.

When your body converts testosterone to the less useful dihydrotestosterone (DHT), you can experience hair loss. DHT attacks and shrinks hair follicles and may result in hair thinning or hair loss.

Thyroid Imbalances

Patients with thyroid function issues that are overactive and underactive can often experience hair loss due to a speeding up of the conversion of testosterone to DHT. Thyroid medication does not always stop the associated hair loss, unfortunately.


Stress is a big factor in a number of reports of hair loss in men. This can be down to increased pressures at home or at work. Excessive physical or emotional stress can cause hair to stop growing normally and this can then take 2-3 months to shed. Stress-related hair loss is often not permanent which is a good thing to know as hair loss can also cause increased stress.

Alopecia Areata

Alopecia areata is an autoimmune condition that is also made worse by increased stress. It causes hair to fall out in round patches on the scalp and elsewhere on the body due to your immune system attacking hair follicles. About 5% of people with alopecia will lose hair on their entire scalp. The hair often grows back but alopecia tends to reoccur.

It is not always possible to assess the cause of rapid or excessive hair loss, it is always worth seeking medical advice to diagnose the cause of your hair loss. Contact us today to discuss ​a resolution to your hair loss and we will help you regain your confidence.


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