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Our appearance can sometimes leave us feeling insecure which can lead to more troubling emotions like anxiety, stress and depression. Your hair, whether you’re a woman or a man, is an important part of your identity. It can showcase your character and personality and when it looks good, we feel good. When someone is suffering with hair loss, from an illness, age, genetics or medication it can trigger many unsettling emotions and we become paranoid about our appearance and how others see us.

Opting for a custom-made wig is a great solution to hiding your hair loss, although it doesn’t solve it. You can now find these handmade wigs to be super-realistic and natural looking when they’re made properly with care. Although they look like real hair and no one can notice, you may still feel insecure knowing yourself it isn’t your own hair. You go from worrying about losing your hair to worry about people knowing you’re wearing a wig, even if they don’t know you can’t help but feel that worry.

I personally feel for anyone having to worry about how they look, it’s truly an awful feeling that doesn’t go away and with time can become more and more of a burden in your own mind. So, in this post, I’ve out together a number of ways on how to feel secure and how to get use to wearing your custom-made wig. I hope it can bring you some level of confidence that you can brush past your thoughts and live your life care free, the way you’re meant to. You are beautiful and everyone deserves to have the hair they want!

  1. Look at before and after photos

Handmade wigs for women by Baguley's of Cheshire, supporting women with hair loss in Manchester, Cheshire, the North West and the UK.

When you first began to lose your hair, you would have felt an overwhelming sense of worry and stress, thinking what am I going to do. You would have looked in the mirror watching it slowly progress more and more until you had to do something about it. You chose to buy a custom-made wig that looks like your old hair or something completely different and although you’re really pleased with how natural and real the wig looks, your paranoid people will be able to tell. So, if you have photos of you when you were losing your hair, look back at them, then take photos of you in your new wig. Can you see the difference it has made? You must say to yourself, although I don’t have my own hair the way I want it, this does look pretty damn good on me! And trust me, everyone else will think the same thing. They’ll tell you your hair looks great or they’ll ask you have you had your hair done? You can smile and say yes actually I have; do you like it?

  1. Give yourself time to get use to it

At first you might be telling yourself a number of negative things about your wig like this isn’t going to work, people will know, I don’t feel comfortable, what if it comes off. The fact is, this is new to you so give yourself a bit of time to get use to wearing it, how it looks and how it feels. With any big changes in our lives, we need to give time to adapt and allow them to feel normal. The more time passes by the more we feel secure with the change and it becomes our new normal and way of life. When you go for a custom-made wig, it will be made to your exact requirements using human hair and lace so its natural looking. The more natural it looks the quicker you’ll get use to it, than if you were to opt for a readymade wig where they look, well like a wig. Quality is always the best choice to go for when its going to benefit not only your appearance but your mental wellbeing too.

  1. Try and go for a natural look

natural looking custom-made wigs by Baguley's of Cheshire

As I have just pointed out, with custom-made wigs they do look super natural as they’re made with human hair, discrete lace and then cut and styled to how you want it. They can also be dyed and you can incorporate high lights and different tones to give it a warm and more even colour. If you’re concerned about people knowing you’re wearing a wig, I’d recommend you go for a colour and cut that does look natural or similar to how your old hair use to be. It will help you to feel more blended in, so you don’t feel like you’re standing out to anyone else. Although we see some bold hair colours on people which look fabulous, they do stand out from the crowd. So, ask yourself what do you really want, whether its to go unnoticed or to be loud? Both ways are beautiful, and people will love your new hair no matter what option you choose!

  1. Follow wig wearers on social media

Social media has in some what ruined how our perception of how we think we should look. With many Instagram influencers looking like models, it doesn’t reflect the real world and normal everyday people. We get so caught up in trying to change ourselves to look a certain way, we forget how to love ourselves for who we really are. I personally had to delete my old Instgram account as I followed too many pretentious people. So, I made a new account and decided to only follow my friends, family, travelers, painters and truly inspiring influencers like doctors or people who have overcome tragedies. In doing this I was able to cut out my toxic thoughts of saying I’m not pretty, I wish I looked like her, how do they look that good, and I only saw things that made me smile and feel-good about myself. You can do this too, seek out people who have also suffered with hair loss and wear wigs but who feel confident and help you to feel great too. They will inspire you I promise, they might give you some great tips and advice on new products you can use or how to care for your wig properly and style it. So, stop comparing yourself to these unrealistic people and focus on the ones that can inspire you and make you feel normal.

Pinterest is a really good platform where you can create your own boards and pin things to them. It’s not as saturated as Instgram with models photos and you can choose what type of content you want to see. You can find wig wears who give tons of tips and show you photos of different styles and colours you can have. They also tend to include links to blog posts where you can read up on other people’s stories and get their advice. One I found that looked really cool was www.pinterest.com/_sweetfantasy/wig-ideas/ … take a look for yourself!

  1. A new hair do, means new wardrobe and accessories!

Photo by freestocks on Unsplash

Give me any excuse to go shopping and I will! When you have your new custom-made wig, take yourself out when you have a bit of extra cash and buy some outfits or accessories to compliment your new hair. Retail therapy is always a good shout to bring a smile to your face and you can feel 100% confident this time as your wear your new wig with no one looking at your hair loss. A hair and wardrobe makeover are sometimes all we need to give us that boost and make us flourish!

If you are suffering with hair loss and you are considering getting a custom-made wig, browse through our website where we have dedicated pages to ladies, gentlemen and children. Our wigs can be hand-made to your exact requirements and we offer FREE facetime consultations or you can contact us to arrange a visit in our Salon located in Cheshire.