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A diagnosis of alopecia can be difficult and often leads to a decline in self-confidence and mental health Some people stop going out in public all together. This is where wigs for patients with alopecia can be life changing.

Types of alopecia include the following:

Alopecia areata – an autoimmune condition common amongst people with

thyroid disease, diabetes vitiligo and Down’s syndrome

  • Alopecia totalis – an autoimmune condition
  • Alopecia universalis – an auto immune condition
  • Scarring alopecia – caused by permanent damage to the hair follicles that is

common in post-menopausal woman

  • Anagen effluvium is caused by medical treatments for cancer
  • Telogen effluvium – a temporary hair loss caused by your body reacting to

hormonal changes i.e. pregnancy, intense emotional or physical stress, short or

long term illnesses, changes in diet or medication to treat illness such as high

blood pressure.

There are a few benefits of wearing a wig for alopecia including:

  • Concealment – A wig will conceal the hair loss and look natural this will help to improve your confidence.
  • Comfort – Our wigs are lightweight and breathable so will be very comfortable and this will reduce irritation on the scalp.
  • Maintenance – our wigs are low maintenance and require minimal care and styling which will mean they are just like your natural hair.
  • Versatile – Our wigs are made to your requirements so will be the exact colour, length and style you wish for.

If you are suffering from alopecia our experts provide expert advice and guidance for women and children. We will provide a private consultation in our luxury premises or over facetime if you prefer. Contact our friendly experts today for more information. You will be under no pressure and our friendly team will make you feel at ease. The wigs are custom made and you will be treated with dignity and respect at all stages. Contact the team today for a friendly conversation to help you regain your confidence.

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