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For those battling cancer and undergoing chemotherapy, wigs become more than just a fashion accessory, it’s an essential.

When facing cancer along with another million things to deal with the prospect of losing one’s hair can become a terrifying through which causes great upset. This is why wigs become not just a fashion accessory for cancer patients they are an essential helping them maintain some confidence and identity whilst battling the big C.

The chemotherapy used to kill cancer cells also kill other cells in the body as well as depleting your energy levels and making you feel far from yourself. As well as this losing your hair can be a loss of identity and a real emotional strain on many cancer sufferers.

Many of your cancer warriors describe the loss of hair as a feeling of losing their femininity. They have also said that when hair loss occurs it is the stares from the general public that can really sting even if they don’t mean anything by it.

We have found here at Baguley’s that wigs for cancer warriors can really be an essential part of allowing them to feel more like themselves even  if it is just for a short period of a day when they look more like their old pre cancer self.

By creating and offering a wide range of wigs tailored specifically to cancer warriors requirements and needs we have helped many of our customers through their cancer journey.  We advise our clients that when they initially find out a cancer diagnosis preparing for the hair loss is a big step.

When visiting us our service is personal and you will have a dedicated professional to help you every step of the way in choosing the right wig for you. We will discuss your style, how you want the wig to look and exact colour requirements. We will discuss your daily activities to ensure any wig we provide will suit your exact personal needs.  We can discuss your wig over face time or in our private salon whichever you feel more comfortable.

Our wig service for a fully custom wig takes only 16 days so you do not need to worry about long wait times with us. If you have the need for a wig contact our professional understanding team here at Baguleys and we will discuss your personal requirements with you in a free no obligation consultation.

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