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Here at Baguleys we love what we do and the beauty and confidence our wigs can bring and we wanted to share with your why we feel human hair wigs are the best choice of wig. Let’s look at a few of the many reasons today.


  1. Realistic in appearance – By choosing a human hair wig it is much more difficult for anybody to tell that it is indeed a wig. Human hair wigs are so natural and do not have an unrealistic shine or become stringy and tatty. A good fit ensures that from any distance the wig looks natural and like the persons natural hair. The human hair wig will act in the same way natural human hair does so is the perfect choice for a natural look.
  2. Natural in texture – Human hair wigs use only the finest of quality hair. Any damaged hair is not accepted and only the best quality human hair will be selected for our wigs.
  3. Quality – Natural hair quality wigs are nothing like party wigs or synthetic wigs. They are skilled by master craftsmen ensuring full luxury and perfect texture. The high-quality hair and materials used mean that even those with sensitivities can wear our wigs.
  4. Versatile – Human hair wigs are versatile as they can be styled in the same way as human hair. They can be curled and straightened, and blow dried into different styles.
  5. Longevity – Human hair wigs can last anywhere up to 5 years if they are looked after correctly.

Here at Baguleys we are very proud of our quality human hair wigs. They are top quality to allow us to help you be your very best and feel good about yourself.

If you need a human hair wig due to cancer, alopecia or any other condition then our friendly experts would be happy to discuss how we can help you with a human hair wig.

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