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As it’s Alopecia Awareness Month, I wanted to give you some inspiring people who are doing amazing things on social media right now for you to get behind. These influencers are not your typical mundane lot, they are changing the way the world views hair loss so no one has to feel like it should be hidden any longer.

Instagram is such a powerful marketing tool and influencers are using it to get their messages across so people start talking more about their conditions and of Alopecia. Unlike, twitter and Facebook, Instagram is based around visuals so it’s a natural fit for them to showcase photos, videos and lifestyles. When we think of an influencer, the typical ‘models’ spring to mind, however, there are so many others who use this platform to spread awareness on real life issues, and hair loss is becoming a favourite subject.

I’ve done some research to find out who the best Alopecia influencers are right now to give you some positive content and accounts to follow. When we’re inundated with people who look super unrealistic, we begin to question our appearance and it makes us lose confidence in ourselves. Following these inspirational people with similar stories to you can help to bring a new release of self-esteem as well as getting some great tips and advice too. You can connect with hair loss accounts to get more support as there are thousands of people who are currently suffering from Alopecia but they’re taking a different approach to embrace who they are to help others to do the same, let’s take a look at who they are.

Hair Loss Accounts for Alopecia

Currently there’s a huge online community of alopecia influencers who are sharing some incredible and positive content! I wanted to highlight this because alopecia is the number 1 cause of hair loss in men, woman and children. I found a fantastic blog post by Love, Alopecia who listed the top 9 alopecia Instagrammers to follow:


AAAF stands for Australian Alopecia Areata Foundation and they have over 3.475k followers on Instagram so far with over 811 posts. Their content shows different stories of children, women and men suffering with Areata Alopecia and they regularly hold fundraisers for them, check them out!

aaaf instagram

Australia Alopecia Areata Foundation Inc. Instagram profile



Bald Boss Movement has over 18.5k followers and it’s no wonder as their content is classy, inspiring and super motivational. The account is mainly women who are are embracing their true-self, giving you advice on living your best baldie life with stories on baldie inspiration, baldie tees, testimonials, hair loss, how to dress your baldie and more! Have a look and see what you think, I think these guys are really worth a follow!

bald boss movement Instagram

bald boss movement Instagram 2


Laura Hathaway 

Laura is a self-made warrior who’s inspired so many people with her persistent dedication, drive and class! Her alopecia does not stop her from being a complete bad ass body builder! SHE’S INCREDIBLE!

laura hathaway instagram

Laura Hathaway



Joelle is a young person’s ambassador for Alopecia UK, this super beautiful and brave girl is changing the world and advocating for young people suffering with alopecia and hair loss. She has over 20.6k followers, so impressive but I’m not surprised as her content isn’t the typical mundane, it’s as cool as anything!!

Joelle Alopecia Advocate

Joelle Instagram


Alopecia UK 

Alopecia UK do everything in their power to support people from all walks of life who suffer with alopecia, from charity runs to weekly webinars. They’re constantly evolving and proving that with the right awareness and support, people can do amazing stuff! Check out their profile for the latest on Alopecia Awareness Month and if you’d like to get involved in any of their charity work.

Alopecia UK Instagram

Alopecia UK Instagram posts

Alopecia UK - Alopecia Awareness Month


Kylie Bamberger

This amazing Alopecia advocate has done so many beautiful things to help people accept their condition so they can learn to live with Alopecia. Not only does she help people to talk about it and embrace it, she does regular work for the Children’s Alopecia Project.

Kylie Bamber Alopecia Advocate

Kylie Bamber Instagram posts


What is Alopecia Awareness Month?

Alopecia Awareness Month is dedicated to one whole month across September to spread awareness about Areata Alopecia in women, men and children from different communities around the world.

What’s going on in Alopecia Awareness Month?

Alopecia.org are holding 4 different themes across 4 weeks of this month alongside lots of social media content to spread awareness and get people talking as well as webinars. They are also holding a charity event in which they said:

“We will also be hoping to recruit 80 x Charity Champions this September, each aiming to raise £125, to help us to raise our Alopecia Awareness Month appeal target of £10,000. This money will help us to continue our work around our aims of Support, Awareness and Research”.

If you would like to know about what’s going on from Alopecia.org please visit www.alopecia.org.uk/alopecia-awareness-month-2021-whatson to find out all the details.

Instagram Alopecia hashtags to follow and inspire you

As well as the accounts above, you can also use certain hashtags in your post or to have a look and follow so your page is flooded with positive stories, people, memes and quotes. Let’s have a look at the best alopecia hashtags according to best-hashtags.com.

#alopecia #alopeciaareata #alopeciaawarenesshappy #leadersnotfollowers #bespecial #bedifferentbeyou #beamazing #beyourselfalways #bebeautiful #youarebeautifuljustthewayyouare

#youdoyou #thisisme #friyayvibes #weekendvibez #itstheweekend #alopeciauniversalis #baldgirl #baldandbeautiful #hairloss #femalehairloss

#thebaldierevolution #thebaldmamakahles #selbstakzeptanz #loveyourself99 #organigrower #organigrowhairco #hair #healthyhair #naturalhair #vegan

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