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Baguleys of Cheshire- Ladies wigs in Manchester

Christopher Baguley is a well-known, professional founder of a hair loss solution business promoting Ladies wigs in Manchester and surroundings. This company came about from the heartbreak of seeing his mother suffer from cancer lead to chemotherapy resulting with her losing all of her hair. Christopher already being a highly professional hair dresser decided to make a realistic wig for his mother to restore her confidence and give her the positivity she needs after the hospital provided her with a synthetic, cheap looking wig. Through him being an experienced hair stylist he has the skills required to improvise and create brilliant and outstanding solutions for problems like his mother experienced on a day to day basis and give confidence back to people that could of once lost it before.

Due to his excellence in his creations he demonstrates amazing skills and techniques that he has gained from working in a professional manner producing a variety of wigs that he defines to your personality, facial features and overall what he thinks would suit and fit you best. Christopher has been in the industry for over 25 years and through this has been awarded top hairstyling and cutting qualifications from one of the best and more so big branded L’Oreal.

Bespoke ladies wigs by Baguley's of Cheshire

After training with some of the best wig designers in the UK he was able to rank himself higher in the industry putting himself up there with top branded hair dressers and stylists. He is a very enthusiastic and passionate worker and has a drive towards his work as he enjoys creating and improving products he’s working on or previously made to make them the best they can be. His manner and excellence gives him the opportunity to create beautiful wigs that show off the individuals best features making them look and feel good.

Christopher who creates Ladies wigs in Manchester has dealt with over hundreds of customers that travel a fair distance to reach him because they know his work is brilliant and always result in a high standard with no faults. He works in both male and female and different ages because he is passionate about making people feel better about themselves which is what he does very successfully and showing his expertise to a high standard. Christopher has had experience with young ages that have had traumatic experiences so he has took his time and effort to create a series of wigs for each individual that make them feel happy and confident again, giving them a feeling of positiveness and calming any nerves they once had before providing them a well-crafted wig also known as their ‘safety blanket’ making them feel great.

Natural handmade wigs for women by Chris Baguley

Ladies wigs in Manchester and throughout the North West is very popular and highly recommended by all of his provides clients and customers who he has pleased with his abilities, not only this but he has such a loving and bubbly personality creating a positive environment to be in. He is very good at managing his social, confident self to his professional side of matters were he is able to control this very well and still is able to produce amazing, high quality and precise wigs but still be appropriate in his job role.