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It can be daunting to think about how to choose the best wig, it is important that you choose the best shape and style for your face and frame. We have put together some handy hints for you to take note of when you are choosing to ensure the best outcome for your new hair journey.


How to determine your face shape.

There are now apps that you can use to determine the shape of your face which in turn will help you to choose the best wig for you. However, if you don’t fancy using an app for this the easiest way is to use a mirror. Stand straight in front of the mirror and if possible, get someone else to draw around the outline of your face (use something that can be easily cleaned off!) on the mirror. This will show you the outline of the shape of your face.
You could also use a recent photo of yourself and trace the outline of your face to give an indication of your facial shape.
Once you have determined your face shape whether it’s oval, round, square, or long then we look at what wig is best for the client individually based on the shape of your face.

Wigs for a square-shaped face:

Square-shaped faces have a wide-angled chin, this is usually the same width as the forehead. The characteristics of a square-shaped head include strong hairlines and chin lines which we recommend to steer away from very angular, blunt, and straight hairstyles as they do not always flatter the squarer shaped face. It is also advisable to avoid wigs that end at the chin.
We recommend wigs that will help to create the illusion of a longer facial shape these can include wigs with layers cut through, wavy wigs, or longer softer styles.


Wigs for oval-shaped faces:

Oval-shaped faces are often looked at as the ideal face shape, especially when it comes to choosing a wig. Oval faces are usually consisting of a narrow chin, with a similar length of the face to the width and around the hairline. Oval faces are often symmetrical and don’t have any features that are not in proportion. Most wig styles will suit an oval face shape but we tend to love a long bob on an oval face.

Wigs for long faces:

If you have a long face the width of the chin and the forehead are usually quite similar and the forehead and chin are often narrow. The cheek line on a long face is usually straight. When choosing a wig for a long face we look at trying to increase the width of the face with the hair shape. A medium-length or chin-length is best, avoiding long straight styles which will lengthen the face even more. A soft curl or wavy style helps to increase the width to a long face shape and balances well.

Wigs for round faces:

Round faces are usually quite short and have a fullness to them, especially around the cheekbones. The face is fairly circular and has a wide hairline. When choosing a wig for a round face it’s important to look at trying to lengthen the shape of the face. Side partings are helpful when choosing a wig for the rounder face as they can soften the fullness and lengthen the face. Flatter styles around the cheeks are recommended with the fullness in the wig being at the crown. Longers wigs are helpful as well as lace front wigs.

Wigs for heart-shaped faces:

If you have a heart-shaped face the likelihood is that you have a fairly narrow chin with a wider forehead. Long wigs are a great choice for a heart-shaped face, these can be curly or with a soft wave.

To discuss further the best wigs for your face shape and to have a consultation contact us today and our experts will be more than happy to help you.