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When you are diagnosed with cancer and the plan is treatment with chemotherapy a worry is the loss of ones hair. Not everyone who has chemotherapy loses hair however many do and this can be a very sad, worrying and anxious time. Several women who lose hair through breast cancer have said they felt that loosing their hair was just as sad as loosing their breast.

If you do find yourself in a situation where you lose your hair due to chemotherapy here are some things our patients find useful when thinking of a wig for comfort and confidence.

  • Do you choose a new look or keep your current look – Many find safety and comfort in choosing a wig that matches their current style however others use the opportunity for a new look. We can always let you try different looks during a consultation to see what will work best for you.
  • Find a picture – If you have a picture of where your hair is just as you want it then to show us and our specialists will do what we can to match this for you.
  • Texture – It is helpful for us to know how your hair felt for you whether it was thick, sleek or afro and we can try and match the wig to bring you comfort it is as near to your own hair as possible.
  • Cut your hair – If you have longer hair our patients have found cutting their hair short before loosing it can help to ease some of the anxious feelings that come with hair loss.
  • Shave your head – Before you wear your wig it maybe worth shaving the head and hair. This can be daunting our team can help with discussing this beforehand.

A cancer diagnosis is always hard as is losing your hair. We hope that our expert team can help the process be a little less daunting by helping you find comfort and confidence from a wig for during your chemotherapy. Contact our friendly team today for more information.

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