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Why do people wear wigs?

Well, there’s many different reasons people want or need a wig, sadly some of these reasons are due to illness, medications, cancer treatment, age, or alopecia. Sometimes, a person needs a boost in confidence as they’ve tried every haircut there is to find it’s just not working for them. Some people might have an alter ego and need to change character every once in a while. Whatever the reasons are, there’s a ton of hair loss solutions which are both cost-effective and provide a quality solution.

As time’s gone by, the need and demand for hair loss solutions has become more apparent and essential. Fortunately, there’s been great progress with hair loss treatments, as they now offer a wide variety of surgical and non-surgical options, from handmade wigs to hair transplants.

Do all wigs look cheap?

Not at all, wigs are becoming more and more natural in their appearance and texture, as time revolutionizes, so do we and what we create. In the past, wigs tended to look fake and unnatural as they were made from cheap synthetic fibers and styles that didn’t at all resemble ordinary haircuts.

Recently, wigs look and feel more natural than ever as they use human hair and swiss lace. In this post we will show a selection of fine examples that have been made to the highest quality by Christopher Baguley, who specialises in handmade wigs for women, men and children suffering from all types of hair loss.

What is the most natural wig you can buy?

The best and most natural wigs are made using 100% human hair, with swiss lace to discretely hold the piece together. So, if you’re considering getting a wig and you want it to look as real and natural as possible, you should opt for one has been made with only human hair. The human hair wigs will also feel much lighter, breathable and more comfortable compared to synthetic and ready-made wigs which can feel itchy.

There are different types of human hair that can be used in wigs such as European, Indian, Remy, Russian etc. Christopher Baguley uses 100% human Remy hair due to its quality and smoothness, which can be styled as often as required.

What wigs can you dye and style?

With a human hair wig, you’re able to style, cut, dry and dye it as normal which is great benefit. If you ever get tired with the same old shape and colour, you can visit your hair dresser to give you and your wig a makeover.

Although handmade wigs for women using human hair are more expensive than synthetic wigs, they provide you with a natural look and feel as well as being able to change their appearance anytime you like. With a synthetic wig, if you tried applying any heat to it, it would singe and burn the hair causing it to frazzle, so instead of being ready-to-wear, it would effectively be ready-to-bin!

 Are there cheaper and better options to treat hair loss, other than a wig?

If you’ve decided to invest in a wig made from human hair, we say great choice and a very wise investment. It’s a cheaper solution to hair transplanting, also less complex and time-consuming method to say the least. Hair transplanting, although it’s becoming increasingly popular with cheap options of going abroad to places like Turkey, can sometimes cost you more than just money if something goes wrong. It’s best to do your research on which medical professionals are okay and worthy of the procedure, there can be quite a risk if you don’t look into it before going ahead.

There are also medications for hair loss but over time our bodies can become resilient to them and sometimes they can affect us long-term. If you’re considering medication for hair loss, always go to your Doctor for advice first! They will often prescribe you the right treatment for it that won’t cause you any harm, unlike unconventional ones you can buy online.

In my opinion, a handmade wig is the safest and most cost-effective way to treating hair loss. You won’t fix the initial problem no, but you can discretely hide it without anyone knowing. This, if you have visited the Doctor who has prescribed you medication for resolve the hair loss, which will of course take time, can work hand-in-hand with a wig. You can hide your hair loss issue using your handmade wig as you wait for the meds to work.

Handmade wigs made with human hair can be completely super realistic, unlike the cheap synthetic ones you can buy. While you wait for the drugs to work on growing the hair back, no one will know you have a wig as they look that good.

Below, are some examples of the most natural looking wigs we found that have been uniquely designed and crafted by Chris Baguley for his female clients that suffer with hair loss:

Handmade wigs for women with hair loss by Baguley's of Cheshire

Ladies handmade wigs by Baguley's of Cheshire

Ladies wigs made with human hair by Baguley's of Cheshire

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