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Buy high-quality Wigs for Children from Christopher Baguley

Hair loss is a condition that may happen due to old age, hereditary factors or diseases such as cancer and the treatment for this. However, hair loss in children is mostly due to conditions such as cancer. When undergoing medication for cancer, hair loss is usually inevitable. It is a result of the numerous chemotherapy medications involved. The hair loss may be permanent or temporary. The hair loss can cause the patient to lose self-confidence and self- esteem. Christopher Baguley Ltd is a company which was founded with the aim to help cancer patients regain their self-esteem by crafting wigs that suit their preferences. These wigs include bespoke wigs for children and adults alike.

About our bespoke Wigs for Children

Christopher Baguley has been in the industry for over 25 years. Thus we have acquired the experience and expertise necessary to craft and design high-quality wigs that suit those customers who have been through chemotherapy treatment. We will patiently and professionally guide you through the solutions available in our clinic. We design, craft and style bespoke hair including handmade wigs, custom made hairpieces and toupees from the finest transparent Swiss lace and 100% Remy hair.

When your child has undergone chemotherapy treatment and you need a reliable supplier to craft the perfect wig, then Christopher Baguley is the place to be. Our Wigs for Children are carefully and professionally made with high-quality Remy hair. We will work together with you to get the foundation base that will enable our Wigs for Children to match your texture, length and desired colour. In order to fully understand your requirements, we offer a free design consultation which takes 45 minutes. After the consultation, we will determine what solution is best for your child. It may be either a custom made hairpiece or a full handmade wig.

Our high-quality human Remy hair can be treated as normal, styled, washed and dyed as you please. Our wigs are breathable, soft and feel light. Hence, you will feel comfortable wearing them. It does not matter if your handmade Wigs for Children is of full length or three quarter, we will craft, design and finish in line with your desired hairstyle.

Being a registered member of the Little Princess Trust, we are commissioned to create beautifully handmade Wigs for Children who have lost their hair due to radiotherapy and chemotherapy treatment. The hair loss in children could also be caused by diseases such as alopecia. This service is free to members of Little Princess Trust and has been of great help to parents and children across the UK. If you need to know about our Wigs for Children which we provide to Little Princess Trust, you can visit our Children’s Wig page to read some of our glowing testimonials from our little heroes and their parents. You can also contact us through our official telephone number 0161 233 0222 or mobile number 07855 952 013.

Our mission is to put a smile back on the faces of your kids by offering high quality Wigs for Children who’ve undergone chemotherapy.