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After care – Wigs and Toupees

Caring for your Human hair custom made wig system. Human custom hair, including wigs and toupees are a great choice if you want very high quality and natural looking hair. Virgin Human hair is soft to the touch, looks extremely natural, it can be styled in many different ways, unlike synthetic hair. Human hair systems wigs and toupees are the most expensive you can buy, but worth every penny for that natural look. Over time with daily wear and tear, just like wearing the same clothes all day every day, they need some loving care. This is why it is important to be very delicate with your human hair system.

Wash your wigs and toupees once a week if worn every day or less frequent, once every two weeks. Most shampoo’s are designed to remove oils from the scalp so over washing your hair system, can cause them to dry out. I recommend using a shampoo for colour or chemically treated hair. I suggest buying quality salon brand shampoo’ and conditioning treatments, that are high in quality ingredients. Shampoo with a PH balance of 4.5 to 5.5 will help to stop the drying out of the hair and keeps them looking natural.

Washing Your Custom Made Wigs and Toupees:

1. Gently brush out tangles, preferably use a tangle teaser brush, before wetting the hair.

2. Holding the base of the foundation, wet the hair with a shower spray head or under a tap. Always keep the hair going in the same direction, try not to tangle the hair.

3. Put shampoo or anti bacterial shampoo on the inside of the wig foundation, and gently rub with the palms of your hands to remove oils and perspiration.

4. Apply shampoo to the hair while holding the foundation in one hand and shampoo with other. Always gently wash the hair away from the base foundation.

5. Rinse out under a shower head or tap, still keeping the hair in the same direction, then put in a towel and gently blot. Do not rub as this can cause damage to the hand tied knots.

6. Apply a good quality conditioner through mid lengths and ends, avoiding conditioner on the hair roots. This can cause knots to come loose and some hair to shed.

7. Put back into a towel and gently blot water away, never rub dry.

8. Put your human hair system over a can of hairspray and allow to air dry till slightly damp. Never put it on a mannequin head as it will stretch and miss shape the base foundation.

9. Spray a leave-in conditioner to mid lengths and ends, not the roots.

10. Blow dry on half heat to smooth hair.

11. Try not to use mousse/gel etc as this can make the hair look dull and stiff.

12. I do not recommend sleeping in your hair system, as the rubbing action while sleeping can cause damage, unless maybe using a silk pillow case.

13. Avoid swimming, as the chlorine will really dry the hair out, and bleach the colour. Please use a swim cap. In the mornings if necessary, slightly dampen the hair with a water spray and leave-in conditioner.

14. Gently blow dry, never blow the hair when it’s bone dry.

15. Should you have any questions please feel free to contact me. Chris Baguley –chrisbaguley@me.com, 07855 052 013.

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